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Connected City

From Strategy to Execution

We help you to answer the most complex strategic and operational questions on the way to becoming a net zero economy and society.

Focal Topics

Green Economy

Hydrogen Economy

The path to a net zero society harbors many opportunities but also risks within the constantly changing framework conditions.

The increasing use of green hydrogen as an energy carrier and storage medium to decarbonise the economy will fundamentally change today's economic and industrial structures.

We are


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As strategy consultants, we are challengers. That means for us: analytical brilliance, creativity, teamwork, no standard solutions. And always pragmatic and implementable.


Smart Port

As project managers and implementers, we bring real change, question conventions and unleash potential. We always fight for the best solution, not the first that comes up.



As integrated service provider, we are a strong partner for our clients - empathic, honest and direct. Our successes are always shared. 

EMP AG, the Plus+

on your way to net zero. The main focus of our activities lays on the strategic and operational challenges of the mobility and energy transition, and the associated sector coupling. These raise complex and disruptive issues for economic actors as well as for the public sector, which can often only be dealt with through a coordinated interaction of different ecosystems.

As an integrated service provider with flexible platform structures and an established, international network, we work where the order makes it necessary and remotely.


The individual references of our employees and the consistently positive response from the market to our work certify, that we play a leading role in actively shaping the emerging global hydrogen economy as well as in key issues of future mobility and the associated infrastructure. We are  partners on an equal footing, especially in the geographic regions of EMEA, Americas, Southern Africa and Oceania.

Our Competencies

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At the beginning of every project there is an idea and often a strong pressure to act.



The path to implementation is often fraught with obstacles and imponderables.




Real end-to-end solutions never end with the launch of a product or the initiation of a measure.

Think global + act local

In the center of the emerging European hydrogen economy, in the maritime-dominated north of Germany, we have set up our headquarters in the metropolitan region of Hamburg. We work internationally, remotely and from where the specific job requires it.

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Making change happen.

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