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Team Building
Who we are

Enabler. Mastermind. Partner.

We are pioneers and companions in the complex, profound and protracted transformation towards a net zero society, which entails a realignment of today's economic, social and geopolitical structures.

In order to shape this change actively and target-oriented in your own company and to benefit from it in the best possible way, it requires an integrated view on the extended value add, practicable and implementable solutions, innovation openness, implementable and scalable measures as well as the integration and orchestration of numerous stakeholders.

In this transformative environment, we - the EMP AG - act as enablers and experts, moderators and mediators, as well as partners and project managers.


Over the past two decades, our founders, employees and partners have designed and implemented pioneering and disruptive projects in the context of the energy and mobility transition for the private and public sectors in Europe and around the world.

Interdisciplinary and dynamic.

EMP AG was founded in early 2021 as an independent, internationally active professional service firm in the form of an owner-managed stock corporation and has its headquarters in Jesteburg, in the metropolitan region of Hamburg/ Germany.

In the successful implementation of projects, our short decision-making paths pay off along with diversity and employee participation, as well as our excellent, international network within the key areas of our doing (especially in mobility, energy, infrastructure, regulation, research, digitalization) and offer our clients a considerable value add.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Culture Book


Making change happen.

At EMP AG, we do everything to create and implement changes, that lead the transition into a sustainable future from a comprehensive and cross-linked perspective. Thanks to our practice-oriented approach and strategic foresight, we are a partner on an equal footing - with decades of international planning and implementation experience in industry, the service sector and the public sector.

Together with our clients, we actively create value within economic and ecological progress and convert the resulting strategic issues into concrete, actor-related activities. For example, we have set ourselves the goal of actively contributing to the development of a global, smart hydrogen economy and society.

As a service company, our employees are our strongest argument. We are all united by the motivation to enable change and create sustainability. As a company, we promote continuous training and further education and precisely support the individual development paths of our employees. As an entrepreneurial platform, we promote innovative approaches and solutions that, on the one hand, make our work more efficient and, on the other hand, can provide answers to our clients' most important questions.  

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