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Legal information on the use of this website

1. About EMP AG

EMP AG is an independent, internationally active professional service firm that offers advice and knowledge-related services. The company's headquarter is in Jesteburg/ Germany. With our experience, our knowledge and our services, we actively shape the added value within economic and ecological progress and convert the resulting strategic issues into concrete, actor-related activities. We are ideally equipped to do this task: with excellently trained employees, strong teams, excellent services and proverbial customer service.

Our goal is to tackle the upcoming challenges of a climate-neutral future today and to advance them decisively - for our employees, our clients and for the society in which we live. In line with our vision: Making change happen.

2. The "" website


The “” website (this “website”) contains global information relating to the international business activities of EMP AG. The contents of this website are owned and managed by EMP AG.


Note regarding the General Equal Treatment Act
When we talk about employees and colleagues on this website or address students, graduates or applicants in general, we always refer to people of both sexes. With regard to vacancies, we are looking for employees (human beings) in all areas.

3. Disclaimer of Liability

By using this website you declare that you agree to comply with the following conditions:

The information contained on this website serves general information purposes for facts that may be of interest to users. We have taken the greatest possible care in compiling the content and information on this website. Nevertheless, we cannot accept any liability for its topicality and correctness. This website can also refer to certain laws and regulations. Laws and regulations can change over time and should only be interpreted in light of the circumstances at hand.

EMP AG declines all responsibility and liability for errors or omissions in the content of this website.

All content on this website and all services offered via this website are provided on an "as is" basis. No guarantee or assurance is given for the completeness, correctness or topicality of the information, nor is any other contractual obligation entered (neither express nor implied). EMP AG does not check whether this website, the various services provided via this website and/ or any information, software or other material downloaded from this website are correct, up-to-date, fault-free, error-free, complete or free of viruses and other harmful components.


To the extent permitted by law, EMP AG rejects any liability to you and any other person with regard to the content of this website and all services provided via this website, regardless of whether a claim to a tortious act, a breach of contract, a guarantee, a no-fault liability, negligence or otherwise and regardless of this, whether the claim is in connection with direct or indirect damages, compensation for consequential damages, compensation for specific financial losses, punitive damages or similar damages, even if EMP AG was advised of the possibility of such damages, or such damages should have been known by the company.

The information contained on this website does not constitute legal, tax, accounting or other advice or service. Before making such decisions, you should contact an EMP AG advisor or another advisor who is familiar with your specific situation with regard to certain tax issues or is familiar with other matters. Please do not send any confidential information to EMP AG until you have received confirmation from the respective company that the desired services have been provided.



You can link to this website under the following conditions:

  • no unauthorized use of our logo

  • no incorrectly reproduced statements (explicit or implicit) from or in connection with EMP AG and/ or its employees

  • no framing or no embedding of our website

  • no other violation of our trademarks, copyrights and/ or other intellectual property rights

EMP AG assumes no responsibility for the content, correctness or security of the pages linked to this website (via hyperlink or other).

Some links on this website may lead to servers managed by private individuals or organizations over which EMP AG has no control. EMP AG assumes no guarantee or assurance with regard to the correctness or any other property of the information on these servers. A link to a third-party website should not be construed as a recommendation or support of EMP AG or for the relevant third party or the products and services of the other.

4. Copyright Notice

Unless expressly stated otherwise, all material is Copyright © 2021 EMP AG. All rights reserved. No part of the material on this website, including text, graphics and HTML code, may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without the written consent of EMP AG.

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