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Code of Conduct
Global Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct of EMP AG


The EMP AG Global Code of Conduct is part of our corporate culture, which we describe in detail in our Culture Book. Our business activities follow our values, which are summarized in the EMP value chain:

Honestly. Motivated. Dutiful. Mindful. Collectively.

This code of conduct is a guide for the entire company and applies to everyone equally. We expect the same behavior from our business partners and clients and assume that the principles of ecological, social and ethical behavior are observed and integrated into the corporate culture.


Compliance with applicable law


The Global Code of Conduct of EMP AG is based on national laws and regulations as well as on international conventions on general declarations of human rights of the United Nations, on guidelines on children's rights and entrepreneurship, the United Nations guidelines on "Business and Human Rights", international labor standards as well as the formulations of the UN Global Impact. We also expect our business partners and clients to comply with all relevant laws and regulations, requirements and standards. A violation of these regulations can be a reason for EMP AG to terminate the business relationship including all associated business contracts.


Human Rights

We strictly reject any kind of child or forced labor without exception. In addition, we respect and promote globally applicable regulations for the protection of human and children's rights as fundamental and generally applicable regulations. We also reject all forms of modern slavery and human trafficking and make sure that we are not complicit in human rights violations. We expect the same from our business partners.

Equal opportunities and treatment

We offer equal opportunities for every employee. Any form of discrimination against employees is prohibited. This applies e.g. for discrimination based on gender, disabilities, political convictions, origin, religion, age, pregnancy or sexual orientation. We respect and promote the personal dignity, privacy and personal rights of each individual.

Open communication

The corporate culture of EMP AG is primarily shaped by open cooperation, helpfulness, foresight and trust. At EMP AG, we meet on an equal footing, value each other and are convinced that honest feedback and appreciative clarity promote successful cooperation. We do not forget that we are all human beings who can also make mistakes. We deal with mistakes as we do with successes - we take responsibility for them.


We manage EMP AG responsibly and according to the principles of sustainability. The environment and the climate are very important to us and a cornerstone of our work. We take the initiative to promote greater environmental awareness. We also drive the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies. To protect our employees, we observe all laws and regulations that affect health in the workplace and take measures to create a healthy and risk-free work environment. 

Bribery and Corruption

We stand up against all forms of corruption and take all necessary measures to prevent corruption in connection with the business activities of EMP AG. This includes not only the avoidance of violations of the law, but also all actions that could give the impression of corruption to other people, even if this does not violate any law. Bribery and corruption must also be absolutely avoided when dealing with officials and elected officials as well as governments, authorities and other public institutions.

Acceptance of gifts, donations

We do not request or accept gifts or gratuities from clients in order to obtain personal benefits that influence or could influence their own behavior with regard to their own work for the company. We use internal guidelines to regulate the handling of gifts, hospitality and invitations to events. Gifts to employees are also only offered to the extent customary for the business relationship and in a materially appropriate scope. In principle, EMP AG does not donate to political parties, to individuals or to decision-making organizations.


Data protection and confidentiality

To protect privacy and to handle personal data, we adhere to the legal regulations. Accordingly, in principle, the consent of the person concerned is required for the collection, storage, processing and other use of personal data. We are committed to keep company and trade secrets confidential and to maintain confidentiality, both internally and externally. Data protection and confidentiality are part of our security culture, which is stimulated, supported and controlled by security campaigns and internal quality and risk management structures.

Responsibility for compliance


Our common goal is to take responsibility for our company. This means that we are aware of our ecological, social and ethical behavior and want to further promote and protect it. We invest in sustainable and long-term business relationships for which ethically correct behavior and compliance with the law are important. The overall responsibility for compliance management lies with the company management. It is committed to make all necessary efforts to comply with the principles and values described in this Global Code of Conduct.

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