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Future of Mobility
How we think

Energy. Mobility. Periphery.

The advancing climate change accompanied by stricter climate protection requirements, a changing need for mobility in line with the increasing supply of innovative and sustainable forms and solutions of mobility and an emerging scarcity of resources are leading to a paradigm shift in the mobility and energy landscape.

Challenges such as population growth, a changing world of work, limited infrastructure and space, increasing traffic jams and noise emissions as well as greater health awareness and a steady increase in regulatory measures are creating ever increasing pressure to act on decision-makers in business and the public sector.

One focus lays on the mobility and energy transition and the associated sector coupling. This raises complex and disruptive issues on the side of the economy as well as on the part of the public sector, which can often only be mastered through a coordinated interaction of complex ecosystems and constant digitalization.


We have prepared some of the questions and challenges that move us in our daily work in the form of short studies, analyzes and position papers.

Focal Topics

Hydrogen Economy

Green Economy

Mobility Transition

Verkehr Langzeitbelichtung

Energy Transition

Nachhaltige Energie




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